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13 November 2013 @ 11:13 am

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14 March 2009 @ 07:57 pm
I'm bleeding money this week. You know that song "Bleeding Love"? Well "You cut ME open and I... Keep bleedin', keep keep bleedin' $$$" Not that I'm made out of money or anything, but it's just that my expenses have been so great this week, it feels like I'm hemorrhaging cash...

It all started on Labor Day Monday. I've wanted a new bed for aaaageees, but I hadn't bothered to look for one until my old mattress got sold on eBay. My couch is comfortable, you see, but not THAT comfortable. Since I had that Monday off, 'might as well spend it getting a new bed. It was such a hectic day; I was running around like crazy, trying to find both a mattress & a bed frame, not to mention other associated linens & pillows all in the one day, but it was SO WORTH IT, because my sleeping experience is now FANTABULOUS... It's like dozing off on a plush hotel bed, so no complaints there.

But as with all my shopping sprees, once I got a taste of spending money, I can't stop. Last time I leaked cash like this was Boxing Day. And at any given shopping spree, I've got a 'theme'. For example, once I couldn't stop buying DVDs. JUST DVDs. During this time, everytime I went out, I wouldn't've even GLANCED at clothes or shoes or any other knickknacks.

At the moment, unfortunately I must say that I've got a more expensive 'habit.' Ever since I went to IKEA to get my bed frame, I haven't been able to stop 'craving' for other home furnishings. Like a LOSER (big capital "L" on your forehead), I can tell you that I flip through the IKEA catalogue & browse IKEA daily, imagining how certain things would look in my apartment and jotting down all the things I'd want to buy. I know I don't need EVERY ONE OF THEM, but it's like in Fight Club... Once I see spread upon spread of their swankily-decorated rooms, I have this impulse to buy everything. What can I say... Capitalism, you sort of knocked the Big Guy Up There as my honorary Deity.

Anywhoo... Well, the thing is I've always been a homey sort of person. So I like my place to be as COZY as possible. For me, that's all about up-lighting and a style that's sort of kitschy/eclectic (see "& Twenty-Eight"). At the moment, I'm really into sort of darkish furniture for my living & dining rooms (since my walls are washed white and the carpet is beige-ish). I've already got a fantastic sofa, courtesy of my sister's Norwegian buddy who had to sell his to move to a smaller place, so I'm only looking to add decorative pieces to the living room.

My sister Sashia THE INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER found this cool place called The House of Orange in Armadale, which sells nifty homewares from Holland. There is this one particular piece that we both adore, that I, in particular, never thought I'd have ever liked: a Mounted Animal Head.

Ewwww, right? Well, it isn't really the stuffed kind though. It's actually made of resin and should give a similar sort of impact without the yuckiness of having a dead creature hanging on your living room wall:

I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get a couple in black or other colors.

Another item my sister & I absolutely adore: One of those big wooden dining room tables with benches on each side instead of chairs. Cafeteria style. The House of Orange has one of those here, but I also like ones that Freedom has, because the table's massive and dark-washed. They are pricey though, so I'm going to have a good think about them.

Anyway, after another trip to IKEA today, I bled $$$ some more (even had a mini heart attack when the ATM showed $0.00 balance, which THANK THE HEAVENS turned out to be a momentary glitch in the ATM *compulsively knock wood*). We bought a lot of cool things, but the prettiest, I've got to say, is this $6.95 SUCCULENT plant, which I've named Léon, as he makes our balcony looks pretty just by his burst of greenness amongst all the wood and the concrete. He is so named, by the way, from the movie Léon, which is the only time when a love story between a full grown man and a pre-teen girl is not at all creepy (in fact, you kinda root for them).
11 September 2008 @ 03:04 pm
This might be tired fodder for the blog world, but since today is September 11th, I thought of the US or, more precisely, of their upcoming elections.

Yeah... I'm a 'serious' one, alright ;).

Nah, really, I actually didn't realize it was September 11th until I put on CNN in the background while baking apple pie this morning.


It's a good way to 'absorb' whatever's going on in the world, because otherwise, I'm rather too lazy to sit down and consciously watch a news segment.

So much for being a former journalism student, huh?

The media world is naturally 'a-buzz' with Barack Obama vs John McCain... and now Sarah Palin.

You know, I gotta hand it to the Republicans. Choosing Palin as the VP nominee is a low and obvious move, but it might just work...

I mean, McCain NEEDS help. Have you heard the guy talk? Boooringsville. Against Obama's dazzling jazziness, this guy will surely get CREAMED.

Unfortunately, His Dazzling Jazziness decided to pick a boring old white guy as his running mate... which kinda evens the score a bit. If he'd had picked HILLARY, for which I was obviously so hoping, that would've been an absolutely UNBEATABLE COMBO. Unfortunately, their rivalry probably got too bitter that he just couldn't do it.

I was speculating that the Republicans would choose someone with star power to balance out McCain's old pasty-ness... Maybe Arnie :). But, choosing a woman, and a relatively young and attractive one at that, could also work. Hey, she's no Hillary. She's only been the Governor of Alaska for less than two years and was pretty much an unknown before the nomination (as Stephen Colbert put it, "Who the f*** is Sarah Palin?!?"), but she might just tap in to the niche of feminists or other Hillary supporters who grew to despise Obama enough after the tough primary battle.

The fact that she's Governor of ALASKA is also kinda... fishy. If you're into conspiracy theories, here goes... The Republicans' main 'solution' to the gas crisis is OFF-SHORE DRILLING... which is where? Yup, you got it. Alaska. At the moment, they're not getting it, on account of the Senate and the House of Representatives being controlled by the Dems. The VICE-PRESIDENT role, to be honest, is mainly useless, but it does have one critical function: To be tie-breaker when the Senate is equally divided. Ah-ha... I'm sure many others have pointed this out, but, well, you gotta 'admire' the Republicans for having very little qualms about being openly dodgy.

27 July 2008 @ 03:30 am
The Dark Knight...

Other than this being my favorite movie of the year, I've got one thing to say on the matter:


Oh, and the Joker was pretty much my favorite villain in as far as I can remember... He managed to strike a chilling balance between creepy and hilarious, while his anarchist/nihilistic doctrine makes him the perfect 'baddie' in our post-9/11 world.
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14 June 2008 @ 02:15 am
I haven't updated this journal in such a long time that I'd forgotten what number I was up to on my subject line.

J'ai finalement trouvé un emploi! Tout le monde peut arrêter de s'inquiéter maintenant...

Anyway, sepertinya, with this new developement, gue ga bisa dateng ke the Indonesian student meetings anymore. Bummer. I really enjoyed those.

Sur l'haut... Mon propre argent! L'indépendance, comment bienheureux tu es.

Okay, so before I annoy some more with my tri-lingual schizo-like blatherings, I'll move on...

I used to do this a couple posts back, and I'm reviving it: WISH LIST, sitting pretty on top of which is...
Chloé Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Notes: Pink peony, freesia, lychee, magnolia flower, lily of the valley, rose, cedarwood, amber, and honey.
Reminds me of... LINEN. Not to be confused with Elizabeth Arden White Linen, but simply, like, fresh, clean laundry, which I LOVE, because I also almost bought Marc Jacobs Cotton (see below). I don't know if that's what they were trying to achieve, but that's what I got.

My other option, as I build up for the Chloé, is to get this:
L'Occitane Honey Gentle Water
Fragrance Notes: Honey, jasmine, hawthorn, orange blossom, mimosa, vanilla, and heliotrope.
Reminds me of... For some reason, sunscreen! It makes me think about trips to the swimming pool when I was a kid, taking swimming lessons or just playing around in the water on a sunny day, and then sharing hot french fries with wet fingers.

I need a new perfume/eau de toilette, because both of my champion fragrances are running out and can no longer be found in Australia:
- Marc Jacobs Rain
Fragrance Notes: Wet cut grass, wild strawberry, clementine zest, cypress, tropical rain accord, passion flower, sunshine flower, white orchid, amber, musk, tree moss, and teak wood.
Reminds me of... RAIN! It doesn't smell like rainwater, but it brings to mind what a fresh, cool, clear 'just rained' day FEELS like. Also, it makes me think of Sprite. Yeah, the soda.

- Burberry Baby Touch

Fragrance Notes: Mandarin and orange zest, verbena, wild spearmint, rhubarb jelly, petals of orange blossom, jasmine, lily of the valley, tree moss, vanilla, milk.
Reminds me of... BABY! I can't describe it any better than that softly sweet smell that a baby has.

I jotted down the fragrance notes because I'm trying to see if there's any common scents I like. I am terrible at identifying individual fragrances, so I just go with what each reminds me of. It seems that I'm very partial to clean, fresh, almost 'innocent' scents: linen, cotton, rain, water, baby, childhood, honey... I'm not too fond of something that smells like pure flowers or pure fruits, but I absolutely dislike strong-scented perfumes that remind me of nothing.